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Our first lecture @ slideshare:

AWS Big Data Demystified #1: Big data architecture lessons learned

our amazon AWS big data demystified you tube channel :

same lecture in English:

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AWS Big Data Demystified #2 | AWS Athena, Spectrum, EMR, Hive


AWS Big Data Demystified #3 | Zeppelin + spark sql, JDBC + thrift, ganglia, r+ spark r + livy


AWS Big Data Demystified #4 |Data Governance Demystified [Security, Network and Data access management]


Our first meetup: AWS Big Data Demystified


Our “brother” meetup: Big Data Demystified


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Big Data Demystified youtube channel

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One the best meetups in which I have participated. Omid is a great communicator and explained very complex technologies in an easy way without giving us vertigo and also with a fine sense of humor.

Jorge Rzezak

One the best meetup’s in which I have participated…

Hey, just wanted to say that I’m watching your youtube video about big data and you’re FU@$ING AWESOME! Well done and congrats!

Zachi Efrati


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